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“Ultra and their whole team made everything seamless so I could relax and spend time with our guests which was my number one objective.”


Julie Gooden, Executive Assistant at Hakim Group


Bolton Whites Stadium




“We want our delegates from the moment they arrive on site to be engaged with the message we are trying to deliver which is ‘the pursuit of happiness’ and as they walk into the main room for the first time we would like them to be in awe as it's been two years since we had a live event. Throughout the weekend we want to be able to create different atmospheres for each of the keynote speakers as each has a different message to deliver; however, they all connect to the final presentation at the end. We also have some people that can’t attend but we would like them to still be involved, is that something we can do?”



We first set up a meeting at the Bolton Whites Stadium with relevant staff members involved in designing and running the retreat from Hakim Group.

Our print team went around the venue with the design team from Hakim Group and measured all the different areas that they wished their branding to be visible inside and out of the venue. They then relayed all the sizes for their design team to start creating the graphics.

Our audio, visual and lighting teams went through three different areas of Bolton Whites that had different requirements.

We proposed three different ideas based on the brief and the site visit. We provided CAD drawings for each proposal so that they could visualise the space and impact it would have for the attendees.

After weeks of preparation at Ultra HQ, we embarked onto Bolton Whites Stadium with two days of install, including half a day of rehearsals, here is how it came together.

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