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Complete event solutions.

Ultra provide complete set, stage, lighting, audio visual and video production for live and streamed online events. Our team of technicians, project managers, lighting designers and operators, set designers and builders, cameramen and editors work seamlessly together to produce engaging and creative events.


Creating the perfect audio experience is a core element of every event we do. Our sound engineers will work to incorporate the acoustics of each venue and your requirements, producing an unforgettably clear, balanced experience. We do not compromise on quality and so work with leading industry manufacturers such as D&B and Sennheiser.


LED walls are completely scalable and flexible for your space, whilst delivering the highest quality video display. From small meeting rooms to breath-taking arenas, our experienced and dedicated team can take your project from concept to completion with ease.


Lighting is one of the key elements of event success. It’s why many companies now choose professional lighting services before making any other event considerations. By using the most appropriate lighting at the right time, and by coordinating lighting effectively with audio and production, we’ll set the perfect tone for your event.


Events usually require temporary installations, whether that be a small staging platform to present from or suspended lighting to highlight key areas in the room. We can provide you with staging and rigging options for all sized events making sure all your needs are met.


For the right special effects to make any event unique, we can create and design all you need to produce that ‘WOW’ factor. With many years of experience in display fireworks, sporting events, concerts and corporate events our purpose is to create a mind blowing experience tailored to your needs and aspirations.


Our in-house print team will ensure maximum brand impact in a cost-effective way and our production team will create set designs and bespoke fittings to amplify the impact for you and your delegates. 


Exhibitions are your chance to show off. Whether you’re showcasing a product, a skill or a service, these events are designed to provide you with the perfect platform to present your business at its best. Having worked numerous times in the NEC Birmingham and Excel London we can propose ideas to make your exhibit stands out from the crowd. Give our highly skilled production team a call to see how we can help you.


Scenic design is the process of arranging your event display space to maximize the appeal to your audience. Attention-grabbing elements are your brand’s best opportunity to make a lasting impression. We ensure that your audience connects with your brand from the very first moment they walk into the venue.


With more companies growing year on year, a virtual event has become an essential part of interacting with clients and personnel. We can create an unforgettable experience for your audience, allowing you to engage with them in a whole new way.


Why not have the best of both worlds, engage with people in the room as well as those that are attending remotely. With our technical team dedicated to live streaming those that can’t attend can still feel immersed in the message you are delivering.


We provide highly trained personnel at every event to ensure your event runs smoothly. Providing industry support whilst keeping a strong work ethic of reliability, adaptability and complete customer satisfaction, we are committed to deliver an unrivalled service, efficiency and safety.


We love to talk events!

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